Gaggia Carezza deluxe Front

This is one of our most popular coffee machines.

It’s great for beginners who are new to the world of home-brewed espresso and are keen to learn the process of manual coffee brewing.


When you buy a Gaggia coffee machine, you’re buying decades of innovation, expert knowledge and incredible heritage. Gaggia’s reputation for manufacturing quality coffee machines is beyond dispute, for good reason.

Cue: The Gaggia Carezza Deluxe.

This coffee machine is a classic example of the type of quality an iconic brand like Gaggia delivers. The Carezza is a manual espresso maker, which means that it demands a little more interaction than a bean-to-cup or pod machine. But that’s no hardship, right?

Who’s it for?

This machine is for anyone seeking a barista-style espresso making experience – whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned pro.
If you’re looking for a coffee machine that offers a greater sense of control over the coffee making process, the Gaggia Carezza Deluxe is for you.


man's hand pouring frothed milk into espresso to create latte art


Let’s take a look at some of its features…

Pressurised filter basket

The coffee machine is fitted with a pressurised filter basket, making it ideal for people who prefer to buy pre ground coffee (although we always recommend grinding fresh), or if you have a grinder but don’t want to worry too much about dialing it in perfectly. If you’d like to grind your own coffee, we recommend pairing this glorious machine with the Baratza Encore grinder.

Milk frother

A ‘panarello’ milk frother means you get amazing textured milk, perfect for an easy cappuccino.

15-bar pump

The 15-bar pump provides plenty of pressure which forces hot water through the coffee grounds. This plays a vital role when it comes to unlocking the delicious coffee flavours.


The Carezza Deluxe features two different filters. The first is for the regular coffee grounds and allows up to two cups of ground coffee. The second is for espresso pods. Thanks to the pressurised double-walled crema filter, you get outstanding crema extraction and isolation. As is the nature of manual espresso machines, you need to manually twist the portafilter of the Carezza Deluxe into place.

Removable water tank

The removable water tank is a generous 1.4 litre and is extremely convenient.

Automatic descaling warning

There’s a very useful automatic descaling warning that alerts you whenever a descaling cycle is required. Having this convenient feature built into the machine’s operation really helps you prolong its lifespan.

User-friendly interface

This espresso coffee machine has a very user-friendly button-driven interface. It’s immediately clear how to operate, but because of its manual nature, offers plenty of scope for learning skills, developing finesse and honing your own masterful technique.

Rinse cycle

When you turn the machine on, it will perform a rinse cycle. This prepares the machine for brewing. You’ll need to wait until this cycle has finished before loading up the portafilter.

There’s so much to love about this coffee machine – whether you’re new to home-brewing coffee or a seasoned pro.



If you’re keen to up your game and hone your barista skill set, check out the incredible 2019 Gaggia Classic. This beautiful evolution of the Gaggia Classic features an unpressurised filter basket, meaning you can dial in the grinder more precisely and the professional steam wand allows you to perfectly texture milk and create some stunning latte art.