how to use an aeropress

Let’s talk about the mighty AeroPress.

Chances are, if you like coffee, you’ve probably sampled a cup of delicious AeroPress brewed coffee by now. If you haven’t, where have you been?

How to use an AeroPress, and why

The Aeropress represents a completely new way to make coffee.

It works by mixing the water and coffee grounds together (for around 10 seconds). When you plunge, gentle air pressure pushes the water and coffee mix through a micro-filter in around 20 seconds. This means that the total brewing time is only ever approximately 30 seconds!

The result? An exceptionally smooth, rich flavour.

The standard brewing method


To begin, grind your coffee. You want it to resemble the consistency of fine table salt. Next, measure two AeroPress scoops of the freshly ground coffee.

Place the AeroPress filter into the basket and rinse it with hot water. Using hot water, pre-heat the AeroPress and your mug.

Position the filter basket on the AeroPress and sit the brewer on your mug. Use the funnel to add your coffee grounds.

Using a circular motion, pour the hot water into the AeroPress. It’s important to saturate all of the coffee grounds. Pour until the hot water reaches the No.2 mark on the AeroPress. To ensure all-round saturation of the coffee grounds, spin the chamber a little.

Lastly,  give the coffee grounds (or, to use the technical term, slurry,) with the paddle. Place the plunger on top of the AeroPress. Press down slowly, applying a steady, even pressure throughout. When you hear a hissing sound, stop!


If you’d prefer to watch a video, check out our video brew guide.

The inverted brewing method:

  1. Start by warming the AeroPress and your favourite cup..
  2. Put the plunger into the top of the AeroPress and flip the whole brewer upside down. The first time you do this, it might feel a little precarious! Just be mindful not to knock it over when it’s full.
  3. Place one AeroPress scoop into the upside down AeroPress and fill to the halfway mark with boiling water.
  4. Let the coffee brew for approximately 30 seconds before filling to the top. Give the coffee grounds (slurry) a gentle stir.
  5. Pop a paper filter into the basket and wet it with hot water to remove any potential papery taste. Lock the basket to the top of the AeroPress.
  6. Next, brace yourself! You’re about to flip the whole thing the right way up again.
  7. Ok. Here goes (deep breath). Flip the whole brewer and sit it nicely on top of your pre-warmed cup.
  8. Gently push the plunger. Make sure you apply steady, even pressure over the course of 30 seconds. Stop plunging when you a hissing sound.

Ta da! Enjoy your delicious AeroPress coffee.