Sage appliances coffee machine

This month’s article is a little bit different. A couple of weeks ago, our founder and resident coffee expert, Charlie, was fortunate enough to be invited to spend a day at Sage Appliances HQ. Of course, he leapt at the chance and so this month he’s written about his experience and offers you insight into the incredible innovation so synonymous with Sage Appliances coffee machines. So, without further ado, here’s Charlie!

When Sage Appliances asked me if I’d like to spend the day at their headquarters, it was an opportunity too good to be missed. Cracking Coffee has recently started stocking Sage Appliances products and they are incredible. So, as you can imagine, I couldn’t wait to take a look at where all the magic and innovation happens!

On first appearances, Sage Appliances coffee machines may look like a premium domestic coffee machine. In some ways, they are. However, instead of taking domestic machine principles and simply improving them (which is how most premium manufacturers operate), Sage design their machines using  a different approach.

They begin with commercial principles and apply their own unique innovation to develop them, making them more user friendly and intuitive – this is something you really get a sense of when you use one of their products. All of their machines – from the Bambino to the Oracle – uphold Sage’s slogan, ‘true café quality coffee’.

Sage appliances coffee machine

But what does Sage believe true café quality coffee to consist of? Let’s take a look…


Between 19 – 20 grams of fresh coffee ground right before extraction.


Precise control for a stable temperature throughout extraction.


Low pressure pre-infusion followed by nine bars of extraction pressure.

Steam pressure

Sufficient pressure, essential for producing a sweet, balanced flavour.

Sage have done something truly remarkable. They’ve created coffee machines that combine commercial performance and high usability for people at home who want to make true café quality coffee. And you want to know the best thing about Sage Appliances coffee machines? They have a coffee machine to suit all user types. So, if you want a hands on experience that allows you to tweak and adjust your settings till your heart’s content, you can choose from the Bambini, Barista Range and Dual Boiler machines. Or, if you’d prefer an automated experience, choose from the Oracle and Oracle Touch coffee machines.

Until now, if you wanted an automatic experience your option was to buy a bean-to-cup machine which doesn’t have the capacity to produce the same level of quality as a manual one coffee machine. Sage have truly managed to produce both types of coffee machine (manual and bean-to-cup) which both produce the same level of café quality coffee in your home. The result is that now, for the first time, there is no compromise by choosing an automatic.



My Top Picks

After spending a day playing with all the Sage Appliances coffee machines, if I had to choose one right now to take home, it would be the Barista Pro. This coffee machine does it all! It’s nice and compact (thanks to the built in grinder) and offers a great level of control due to its extremely user friendly interface.

For a bit extra (not to mention some serious ‘wow factor’!) I’d go for the Oracle Touch. It makes top quality coffee automatically and gives a great level of control over all the variables, so you can tailor your coffee to be exactly how you like it. I don’t believe any other automatic machine can produce the same quality of coffee as you get from a manual machine like this one does. 10/10!